National Podcast Day: Features on the Hot Pulp & Under the Tooth

It's National Podcast Day! You may have seen I've previously been featured on the Health Meets Home Podcast, but recently I've had the pleasure of being featured on 2 other podcasts (dental this time!)....

Podcasting in action!

Podcast 1: Under The Tooth

After a long day at work in the summer I met the amazing Under The Tooth Team (Asha Thomson, Elyas Yonis and Sary Rahma) to record their first episode of their new Podcast series. They aim to share a sustainable podcast platform to connect and inspire dental professionals and their real life stories!

We chatted about so many different topics, from breaking down barriers for vulnerable people to accessing dentistry, the importance of work life balance, my different roles and of course my bunny rabbits!

Check out the episode below!

Podcast 2: Hot Pulp

A little different from the other 2 Podcasts I had done, the Hot Pulp is the YouTube extension of the Dentists of Insta page that Dr Jabir Kazi runs. The Podcast was steamed live on Instagram (after a few technical issues we got there in the end!) so that people could tune in and ask live questions which was very interactive! But don't worry you can check out the full episode on YouTube below.

Have to listened to either Podcast? Did you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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