Homelessness and Oral Health: Podcast Interview with #HealthMeetsHome

You may have noticed that I've been featured on my fellow Clinical Entrepreneur's podcast Health Meets Home talking about homelessness and oral health...

Health Meets Home

Health Meets Home dives into the fascinating relationship between health, housing and why the places we live influence our behaviour, physical and mental health. Hosted by doctor, author and property enthusiast Dr Lafina Diamandis, tune in to hear from some of the nation's leading experts on health and housing and discover the latest innovations being developed to meet the changing needs of our population.

What do I talk about?

Recording the podcast with Lafina was surreal but so much fun! I didn't realise I could talk so much about this topic, in the podcast we discuss:
  • How homelessness affects oral and dental health
  • The stigma faced by homeless people accessing dental care
  • Innovative solutions for marginalised communities

Listen the podcast below!

Make sure you also check out Lafina's other guests who have been interviewed on her podcast!

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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