One of the Personal Services I offer for dentists and dental professionals is COACHING...

Having mentors or coaches in any profession is becoming increasingly important and although through many training positions such as foundation or core training support is there for many trainees, many younger dentists who work only in practice or in large units are seeking more one on one development... especially when it comes to competitive processes such as national recruitment for training posts or portfolio development for associate positions. 

I am hoping to bring my experience developing my own career path and portfolio to help others; with experience working in many fields of clinical and non-clinical dentistry I want to help people be the best dentists they can be and to find their career in dentistry fulfilling!

So currently I am offering:

  • Interview practice - for foundation training, core training, speciality training, associate positions, consultant and other dental interviews
  • Careers coaching - development of your career map, 5 year goals and exploring your own professional development
  • Portfolio development - essential for speciality training and the latter core training years. Also important for competitive associate interviews, how do you make yourself stand out?
  • CV development - CV writing sessions, how to structure your CV for different positions, cover letter writing 
  • Mentoring - one on one mentoring tailored to your development goals 
  • Examination preparation - whether that be for finals or other postgraduate exams like MFDS
  • Presentation training - trouble tackling nailing that presentation for a conference or at work? One on one practice and tips. 
  • Level 2 accreditation mentoring - development of your portfolio for upcoming Special Care & Paediatric Level 2 accreditation
  • PG Diploma/Tricollegiate in Special Care Dentistry mentoring - preparation for examination and application support
  • Application or assignment review - want someone to review an application, assignment or piece of writing? I'm happy to help!

Coaching sessions can be face to face if you are London based or via Zoom if more convenient. 

Different packages are available depending on your developmental needs - please contact me if you want further information or directly book your one to one session via Examine Dental.

What have my previous coachees said about their sessions.....?

"I found the session really useful and motivating. Natalie was very friendly and allowed me to lead the session and directing/giving advice where appropriate. She also followed up with an email of useful information and this helped me formulate an action plan to help achieve my career goals. It was really nice to chat to her as I felt like she was really invested in actually coaching and my needs. Thanks again!"

"Excellent coaching sessions. Natalie has been approachable and very insightful. The sessions were individualised and catered towards my exact needs. They were well structured and well put together. These sessions have helped install a little more confidence and helped me grow as a foundation dentist than the beginning. These coaching sessions are well worth the money and have helped me understand how to approach my CV, my portfolio and as well as prepare well for my SJTs. An overall amazing experience and thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions. Natalie would help me address other questions with regards to other aspects of Dentistry and help guide me in the right direction. I would definitely recommend a coaching session with Natalie."

"It was very informative. Natalie was so patient and takes time to talk through all the options. It was also very reassuring to hear you talk about dental school"

"Natalie I just had my interview and it went really well and I must say it's all because of you! Thanks a lot :)"

"Natalie was very knowledgeable and gave me really thorough and useful advice. She made sure that the sessions were tailored exactly to what I needed and even sent me resources and tips outside of the session, which I really appreciated. I have already recommended her as a coach to several of my FD friends!"

"Natalie was very friendly and approachable in her teaching style and made sure that the session was tailored to address the questions I had. The explanations behind question answers and rationale were very thorough and she made sure that if I had any questions afterwards, I could contact her. I would highly recommend her session."

"Thank you so much for your help and support. I found the session extremely useful! You helped identify key ways of interpreting questions and showed me how to answer them with a strategic thought process. As always you were lovely and patient!! Thanks again :)

"Thank you so much Natalie for all your help! You are such a kind and caring person and this comes across straight away! I was comfortable immediately and could tell that you genuinely wanted to help. I loved that the sessions were tailored to what I needed help with. Most of all though, you're just such a great and approachable person - thank you so much!"

"Thought the session was really laid back but we still covered everything I wanted to go through. Natalie was lovely to talk to and a great sounding board for ideas of how to best promote yourself via CVs and portfolio and in interviews."

"I have seen how amazing Natalie is as a dentist via her online blog, which is very impressive. Therefore I was nervous about starting coaching sessions. I have always wanted a mentor in dentistry to help me improve in my CV, career goals and general interview preparation. It was definitely worth it! The sessions so far have been amazing and Natalie has been so easy to talk to. She has been so helpful and has been very positive throughout each session. I would definitely recommend the coaching!!"

"Natalie is a great coach and gives tailored advice to you. She is flexible in her approach and structures the session to focus on your individual requirements. She is knowledgeable in all fields of dentistry and has lots of useful tips that are useful for my career planning. Most of all she is encouraging, enthusiastic and supportive, and is a good role model. I would recommend her to all young dentists."

"Natalie was flexible to my revision needs, was well prepared and very knowledgeable about my forthcoming exam. Having recently just sat my examination I feel the coaching session was well worth investing in especially since viva exams require an interactive approach that is tricky to replicate with revision alone. Anyone thinking of sitting the Diploma in SCD Edinburgh or London College exams should chat with Natalie to see how she could help!"

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