Guest Post featuring Dentists Of Insta

A few months ago I was featured on @dentistsofinsta and this post is an interview with the founder Dr Jabir Kazi...

Hi I'm Dr Jabir Kazi and I just graduated from Newcastle Dental School. Coming out of dental school and engaging with people on social media I have been surprised by the current low morale amongst my fellow professionals in the UK. There are many valid reasons for the current mood: the GDC, UDA contracts, lawsuits and rising indemnity costs. 

This got me thinking and I consider myself a fairly social person so I started reaching out to people across social media in other countries to see what their experiences were like and how it tallied against the situation in the UK. 

This led me to start an Instagram page called @dentistsofinsta, which some of you may have come across as we are growing on a daily basis! On this page I give everyone from the dental world an opportunity to introduce themselves and impart some knowledge to the rest of the community. 

I'd like to invite anyone reading this to come and get involved!

But the story doesn't stop there....eventually this all lead to setting up a website with a friend who was running a dental joke page on Facebook. On our site, I feature all the people who have been on the Instagram page. Plus using my skills on Photoshop, we have developed a range of dental joke memorabilia... Check it out here!

In the future we are looking to add some resources for dental students but we don't know exactly what that will look like at this point in time. 

So if you're ever in the market for a gift for a colleague or friend, make sure you stop by and check us out before you head anywhere else... I'll promise you a laugh (or a groan) from our jokes!

To check out my feature on Jabir's site click here

Have you been featured on Dentistsofinsta? Let me know in the comments below. 

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