ANNOUNCEMENT... Elected to a Seat on the BDA's Young Dentist Committee

From 12 candidates standing, earlier this month alongside a fellow candidate, I was elected to the BDA's Young Dentist Committee (YDC)... but what is the YDC?

What is the YDC?

The YDC is the committee that represents the voices of younger dentists, working to improve pay and conditions and supporting the development of clinical skills and confidence. Most recently, it's work has included tackling stress among the young profession and providing a network for younger dentists to share experiences. 

The YDC's roles include:

  • Considering the needs of young dentists during their career (up to 10 years post-graduation from first dental degree)
  • Act as a channel of communication within the BDA
  • Meets regularly and makes recommendations on behalf of young dentists
  • Identifies talent and provides continuity in the BDA

To read more about the YDC, see the BDA website

Why Did I Stand for a Seat?

Some of you who follow me know that I've just completed a Leadership and Management Fellowship with the Office of the Chief Dental Officer. During this I was given the opportunity not only to develop my leadership skills, but to also meet top dental leaders and policy makers. Many of these leaders were inspiring but I did notice something; many of these leaders were of the same background and generation. 

Many dental organisations such as the Royal Colleges, the BDA, the GDC just to name a few are recognising the importance of the younger profession's voice in having a say in how dentistry is delivered. I wanted to find a way to continue to try influence policy, politics and decision making and ensure the voice of my peers are heard. So when these vacant seats on the YDC came up this was a perfect opportunity!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported me and voted! I am super grateful and so excited for the first committee meeting coming up in October. 

To read more about the YDC election, check out this blog on the BDA

Do you have issues as a young dentist you'd like me to raise in the YDC meetings? Let me know in the comments below!

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