A Week in the Life of a DCT: Joint DFT/DCT in Bradford & Leeds with Iftikhar Ahmad

 So here is another entry for this year's DCT competition by Iftikhar Ahmad...

Ifti, a joint DFT/DCT in his second year based in Bradford & Leeds

Hello! I’m Ifti. I graduated from the University of Liverpool and I am currently a ‘Joint Dental Foundation Core Trainee’ in my second year. This entails one week in general practice and one week in secondary care. 

I work in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department at Bradford Royal Infirmary and the Paediatric department at the Leeds Dental Institute. 

This DFT/DCT post has been challenging yet rewarding in so many ways and broadened my knowledge even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. A typical hospital week? Let me fill you in. Pardon the pun.


Every alternate Monday I spend the day on the Paediatric Department usually on casuals. I assess children in pain and get to see not-so-common conditions such as Ectodermal Dysplasia. This tends to be a cute day until a snowball effect of cries ripples through the department. Patience is key!


Redeployment day. Going to a COVID-19 ward as a dentist was alien, hearing medical terms which flew straight over my head finally allowed me to understand how patients feel when we chart. However, I get stuck in assisting with ward jobs, bloods and liaising with different departments. It makes me proud to say I am part of the front-line team during this global pandemic.


Here is where my scalp 15 replaces the drill, I spend the day at Bradford St Lukes Hospital on an Oral Surgery local anaesthetic and new patient list. . A classic day involves: fast-track biopsies, wisdom teeth extractions and assessing lesions. From syndromes to polyps, salivary stones to Pemphigus its always interesting to see what’s referred in. 


A day on the MaxFax ward, caffeine is fundamental. Commonly I am assessing casuals from A&E due to facial trauma, lacerations or swellings. This is the day I do the most steps, not that anyone’s counting. The team involves medics, registrars and consultants with a vast ray of experience. 


Major oral cancer patients, acutes such as abscesses or fractured mandibles and dento-alveolar procedures are common treatments on day in Theatres! From Iliac bone grafts to enucleation of Dentigerous Cysts its mind blowing seeing the results. Dental extractions are also performed allowing those with experience passing down vital tips and tricks. 

Saturday and Sunday 

The weekend involves spending time with family and gaining rest. I prepare for the upcoming week in general practice and occasionally cover on-call in the hospital if needed. Sky Sports and yes, a little bit of PlayStation helps pass time during national lock down. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed what a ‘week in the life’ of a DCT entails. As mentioned before a role within the hospital setting is challenging however, rewarding in many aspects. It has allowed me to broaden my scope of knowledge and understand the referral process. Communication, confidence and surgical exposure are key elements which have improved my practice. I would highly recommend DCT as the experience obtained is invaluable and also enjoyable working under the supervision of Consultants across different specialities.

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