DCT Competition 2021!

 This year I am again running 'A Week in the Life of a DCT' Competition...

Last year's competition to help anyone considering DCT understand what it is like in different posts across the country had such a fantastic response, I have decided to run it again this year... but this year's prize for the winner will be....

£100 in amazon vouchers 


Publication of your entry on Wesleyan's Next Step website

Thanks every so much for Wesleyan for their kind sponsorship! Plus all entries of satisfactory quality will be published on this blog! 

So do you want the chance to win this amazing prize, get published and are a current:

  • DCT1?
  • DCT2?
  • DCT3?
  • Trainee in longitudinal training (combined DFT/DCT)?

What Do You Need to Do?

The requirements for the competition are:

  1. Short bio about you and where you currently work, why you chose DCT
  2. 500 words of what you get up to in a typical week or day in your DCT post in the style of this article 
  3. A photo to be included with the article: this can be of you, your workplace or something to do with what your post entails 
  4. Links to your websites/social media handles if applicable
  5. The article must be an original submission unpublished anywhere else 
  6. You agree for the article to be published on A Tooth Germ and the article to be promoted via connected social media channels 
  7. A Tooth Germ will only publish content that aligns with the ethos of the blog: connecting and spreading learning across the dental profession. Articles submitted which do not align with these values will not be published

To ENTER: email your submission via the contact page on the blog
DEADLINE February 28th 2021

Do you have any questions about DCT or the competition ? Let me know in the comments below. 

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