My Top 5 Dental Blogs

Keeping up to date with the issues in dentistry is easier than ever with blogs, news sites and dental groups on social media, but with so much information around which sites are the best ones to read regularly? (apart from this blog obviously!)

1. GDP UK -

This site has mountains of information for all dental professionals (only dental professionals can register) and the area of the site I visit most is the blog section.

The site has various different bloggers who focus on different aspects of dentistry, from GDC watch to the likes of the Tony Jacobs (founder of the site) and Simon Thackeray. The blogs are entertaining, insightful and informative. 

There are also different forums on the site, the Young Dentist forum I find particularly useful at the moment, different resources and general updates about events and news in the dental world. 

2. Colin Campbell -

Colin inspired empathy and respect from the dental world last year with his series of blogs about his experience of a Fitness to Practice hearing with the GDC and since then I follow updates with his blogs. 

Colin blogs very regularly and his posts are concise and easy to read and topics can vary from events coming up, his experience of practice to his favourite book or album of the week! His insight into life as a dentist and the importance of keeping a good work-life balance definitely struck a chord a few months ago when I found myself overwhelmed with the amount of dental-related activities I threw myself into!

3. Dental Spotlight -

Of course I have to mention Dental Spotlight, especially since I have an article featured on the site (see here)!

Akta's blogging is very readable and her interviews with various members of the profession are enlightening and give a fantastic overview of what opportunities and paths are out there; from launching a dental app to life as an editor of a dental magazine. 

4. Waseem Riaz -

Waseem's portfolio of impressive cases show his talent with composite and his site has some really fantastic clinical tips to help out both the younger generation of dentists as well as the more experienced!

His site's format is very well designed and the photography and graphics to display the tips he has learnt are useful and easy to follow - I would recommend following him on Instagram to get updates of his tips and clinical cases!

5. Reena Wadia -

Reena, a figurehead for women in dentistry and popular young dentist writes regularly on her own site and if you're looking for tips for early on in career or anything regarding perio, her site is the place to go!

As well as blogs, Reena has created several helpful short videos which could be particularly useful if you're thinking about specialising.

What's your favourite dental blog? Do you read any of the above? Let me know!

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