PEC Elections: Make Sure You Have Your Say!

Are you a BDA member? If so, you should have got your PEC election ballot paper through...

What is the PEC?

The Principal Executive Committee (PEC) is the governing board of the BDA. This means it makes decisions according to company law and trade union law (as the BDA is both a company and a trade union).

The PEC decides on the overall BDA strategy, policy and business operational plans for the organisation and holds the Chief Executive and his staff to account for their implementation. 

To feed into the PEC's decision making, advisory committees can advise the PEC. These committees can be country committees (England, NI, Wales, Scotland), craft committees (GDP committee, CDS committee etc.) or advisory committees (health and science committee). I hold a seat on the Young Dentist Committee, one of the Craft Committees and therefore can influence PEC decisions via this position. Views of BDA members are represented through country or craft committees. 

The board is made up of 15 members as follows:
  • 9 members from England 
  • 1 member from Northern Ireland
  • 1 member from Scotland
  • 1 member from Wales 
  • 3 members elected on a UK wide basis
Each member serves for 3 years. To read more about the role of PEC and previous meeting reports, see the BDA website. 

Why Should I Vote?

If you are a BDA member you can vote. Please take the time to do so in order to make sure that you want our board members to reflect the diverse profession that dentistry is!

For example, recently out of 15 board members, there has only been 1 female member! This time, there are plenty of strong female candidates standing so hopefully this gender inbalance will be rectified!

How Do I Vote?

BDA members should have been sent ballot papers in the post. Votes are done via post (due to Trade Union laws) and to read who is standing for election, please see the BDA website.

Voting closes on December 5th! If you haven't received your ballot papers, please get in touch with the BDA now!

Who do you want to represent you? Let know in the comments below. 

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