ANNOUNCEMENT: Appointment as Early Careers Ambassador for the RCSEd

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh have recently launched their network of ambassadors and I have been appointed their Early Careers Ambassador for London...

All of us new Dental Ambassadors

What is the Ambassador Network?

The College wants to promote high standards of patient care and reflect the needs of our dynamic profession across the globe. 

They plan to shift their composition across regional representation to encompass support for the whole dental team. We will be the face of the College on the ground, creating that link between the faculty and the clinical coal face. 

As an Early Career Ambassador, I aim to inspire and connect with dental students and early careers dentist to listen to their professional and personal development needs and ensure the college address them. 

The college have recruited:

  • Early Careers Ambassadors
  • Dental Team Ambassadors
  • Specialty Ambassadors
  • International Ambassadors 

Our First Ambassador Meeting

At the beginning of October, all the new Ambassadors met up in beautiful Edinburgh to find out what we can do to move the direction of the Royal College into the future!

Firstly, we had the evening dinner where we met with other fellows and the board members of the College. Of course, the menu had a Scottish theme, but we had the chance to meet with Ambassadors not only from across the country, but across the world from Africa to Hong Kong!

I had a great time and it was really nice to put a few names to faces to people I have interacted with on Twitter. 

All ready for the evenings dinner. The college is so beautiful. If you're in Edinburgh and you're a member you can check it and it's museum out for free!

The day afterwards, a little sleep deprived, we had a really stimulating day discussing the roles of the Ambassadors and how we can drive dental education and network forward in our local area. This included engaging dental students with the college through their highly successful Clinical Skills Competition with Dentsply Sirona which I am really looking forward to hosting in December at Kings. 

How Can I Find Out More?

So the College are looking to grow their network even more! If you are a fellow or member of the college, you can apply... but why would you apply?

  • To represent your dental community
  • To give something back to your profession
  • To shape and influence the direction of the sector
  • To build your network and develop your skills
The roles are not paid, but can be managed around full time work (if you're a busy person like me!). 

Applications are now open for the expansion of the network - click here to find out more.

I have also been featured on the RCSEd website - to read my interview click here.

Do you have any questions about the role? Let me know in the comments below. 

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