Last Minute Dental Foundation Interview Top Tips

So DFT interviews are imminent... what last minute top tips can I give you? 

So you will have already sat your SJT! Well done I think that is hardest part out of the way! Now forget about it and focus on the 2 stations at the interiew stage!

PML Station

So this station is there to test your professionalism, management and leadership. 

Top Tips:

  • Find a way to manage your nerves! Do not instantly go into the rush of an answer. Take a few seconds... breath, maybe introduce the scenario a little to help settle... THEN start your answer. Nerves affect people differently, take time to manage yours!
  • Please only talk about RELEVANT GDC standards and clinical governance issues. If you list them it doesn't show any understanding of the scenario given and you will find it hard to get high marks
  • Manage your time... 10 minutes isn't very long and in these scenarios you can find it difficult to fit in all the info. Use that knock at 8 minutes to start a summary or go onto consequences of your actions 

Communication Station

In this station you will be assessed by an actor (the patient) and another assessor. This station assesses your communication, empathy and clinical decision making. 

Top Tips:

  • You'll probably find this station easier... it's what you do everyday; interacting with patients! Just pretend you are seeing a real patient. I know it can be tricky in a non-clinical environment and without actually looking in a patient's mouth but do what you normally do: introduce yourself, take a history, go through treatment options etc.
  • Listen to the patient...they have been prepped to lead you in a certain way. Check if they have any questions as this will prompt them to ask about information you may have forgotten to mention
  • Chunk and check... give information to the patient without JARGON and confirm at stages whether the patient has any questions

GOOD LUCK! There are plenty of posts on my blog to help prepare you further - click here. Alternatively, I can still offer last minute interview preparation, please contact me if you are interested!

And remember, don't let this overtake your finals! Most people get a job and it's only for a year so if you don't get your first choice it isn't the end of the world. You will make the most out the DFT year, wherever you are!

Do you have any questions about the interviews? Let me know in the comments below. 

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