Dental Associate Interviews: An Ultimate Preparation Guide. FREE SAMPLE!

Another collaboration... Following my contribution to Foundation to Dental Core Training comes a preparatory guide for dental associate interviews. 

We are proud to introduce a new resource for young dentists wishing to pursue a successful career. This is new book titled 'Dental Associate Interviews: An Ultimate Preparation Guide.' Our team of experienced practice owners and associate dentists have compiled an invaluable resource for young and aspiring dentists.

What can you expect from this resource?

  • Essential CV and Cover Letter advice
  • Fundamental information related to the dental associate position
  • Real associate interview questions and answers
  • Critical factors to assess for in your prospective practice
  • A step-by-step guide on building an outstanding dental portfolio

Includes downloadable:

  • Model CV and dental associate CV template
  • Dental associate cover letter template
  • Personal Development Plan template
  • Dental portfolio template for each and every section of your portfolio
  • Key checklists for CV, Cover letter, PDP and Portfolio creation
Below you can find a free sample of one of the chapters, to download the entire chapter and get notifications when the book is launched sign up HERE.

The fabulous team of all of the contributors. 

Chapter 6: 25 Top Tips for Young Dentists

  1. Become excellent at photography
  2. Gather outstanding testimonials
  3. Display confidence and maturity at all times
  4. Develop enhanced organisational skills
  5. Master time management
  6. Have a 5 year plan
  7. Continue learning and developing
  8. Observe and learn
  9. Join organisations, societies and study clubs
  10. Learn to embrace failure
  11. Become leader and team player
  12. Focus on providing quality
  13. Invest in magnification
  14. Develop outstanding communication skills
  15. Network and build professional relationships
  16. Seek mentorship
  17. Embrace change
  18. Give back
  19. Know your limitations
  20. Enjoy a work-life balance
  21. Build a portfolio
  22. Develop a unique selling point
  23. Keep up your record-keeping skills
  24. Get published
  25. Be attentive with patients

What tips would you give to young dentists? Let me know in the comments below. 

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