Empowering Women in Dentistry Interview: Working with the Homeless

This weekend I did some fabulous filming with Marukh Khwaja, founder of Empowering Women in Dentistry..

Me and my fabulous nurse Abdul on our mobile dental unit

What is Empowering Women in Dentistry?

Dr Khwaja is a general dentist working as an associate in London/Kent; but she was spurred to start this group to showcase women and empower women as a result of lack of female representation at leading dental courses. 

Through her website and social media, she is interviewing and learning from some fantastic women, not only in dentistry but in healthcare and business. 

In her words:

'I founded this passion project after feeling frustrated at the lack of female role models and connection amongst women in dentistry. I felt a sense of injustice by the inequalities present currently at conferences. All the course I had attended bar one, had been led by men and dominated heavily by the opposite sex despite a massive number of rising female graduates. The momentum for me felt like it was with women. But women are not being represented in the way I want them to be. So I felt it was time I founded Empowering Women in Dentistry.
I am keen to change the makeup of dentistry and challenge inequalities. I also aim to discuss mental health and well being amongst women. Holistic living and self care are topics that still need much more exposure. I hope that with actively challenging inequalities and having difficult conversations, there will be change.'

So far, Dr Khwaja has arranged social events as well as talks from some fabulous speakers. 

To find out more check out her Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube Channels. 

What do I talk about?

The first of a few interviews has been posted on the EWD YouTube Channel... my favourite topic Homeless Dentistry.

If you follow me on social media, you may have an idea about my Homeless Dentistry work, but in this interview I open up to how I got involved, what I enjoy about it as well as how general dentists can also get involved!

Check it out below...

Have you worked with homeless people in dentistry? What challenges did you encounter? Let me know in the comments below. 

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