Foundation to Dental Core Training: An Update

It's been almost 2 years since I posted my original blogs about Dental Core Training... it's about time for an update! And what more excuse could there be than by contributing to a textbook about the process!

What changes have there been?

As with all postgraduate training posts, there are continual changes throughout the years as the recruitment process develops. These are the most significant changes since I applied:
  • The process, similar to most postgraduate recruitment, is now National Recruitment
  • The process includes a Communication Station with an actor, very similar to the DFT recruitment process. I did not have this when I applied for DCT
  • You will NOT be given the scenarios/main questions prior to the actual interview itself in order to make the process as fair as possible which had been trailed in previous years
  • There is a Situational Judgement Test! Boo! When I applied I only had to take part in a pilot SJT but now it is part of the application and again similar to DFT, is conducted on a different day
  • For DCT2 and 3 applicants there is a portfolio station where you MUST bring your portfolio to the assessment (I have blogged about what should be in portfolio here

How should I prepare?

I hope you have stumbled across some of my previous DCT posts to help give you an idea not only of how to prepare for the interview itself, but what can be expected from a DCT post and the options you have. 

Together with other previous core trainees, I have been able to contribute to the NEW 'Foundation to Dental Core Training' text book by Dr Kalpresh Prajapat and Dr Dima Mobarak. This is your A-Z of the process with example questions and scenarios and a must for anyone who is applying for DCT1, 2 or 3!

Get your copy now on Amazon here!

And of course make sure you read all the guidance on the COPDEND website which has all the need to know dates you should put in your diary.


Have you purchased the textbook? Did you find it useful? Let me know in the comments below. 

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