My Dental Portfolio: What Should I Include?

It's getting to that time of year where it's job switching time. Some of you may be looking to compile your portfolio, but what should you include?

Why do you need a portfolio?

This really depends on where you see your career heading. I would compile one if you are the early stages after graduation as you never know where your own path may take you. 

Portfolios are a must if you are applying for training posts in hospitals and certainly if you ever apply for speciality training. They are also useful for community posts and many practice jobs, especially if you are working in a high end practice where there may be lots of cosmetic treatment in demand. 

There are various showcasing sites where you can post cases such as Denteez (see my post about the site here) or Dental Circle.  These can be effective for clinical cases, but there are various other means to construct your portfolio including electronic based such as. ePDP or eLogbook

I also have a paper based portfolio - the simplest way to keep everything in one place!

What should you include?

1. CV

- I'm sure many of you will have compiled a CV before. If you're unsure, why don't you see my previous post about how to build your CV here

2. Clinical Governance

- This can include audit titles, appraisals, CPD relevant to clinical governance (safeguarding, BLS, complaints management, cross infection).

3. Log Book

- This will be the numbers of different procedures you have observed, assisted, performed (under supervision and independently). This may be a list you have compiled yourself, or via ePDP or eLogbook

4. Personal Development Plan

- On our ePDP during DFT, there was a personal development plan. It's good to continue this after you finish foundation training as it shows reflective practice as well as identifying your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve. As well as what areas you would like to improve e.g. molar endo, demonstrate how you plan to improve these i.e. action points. Include historical action points that you have completed. 

5. Case Portfolio

- Include before and afters of cases you are proud of but also self-critique your work again to show reflective practice. Examples can be composite cases, crown and bridgework, endodontics, removable prostheses etc. 

6. Qualifications

- Include copies of your certificates e.g. BDS, BSc, MFDS, MJDF etc. 

7. Audits

- Include copies of write ups, posters or presentations. See my previous post about audit here

8. Research

- Again include copies of write ups, posters or presentations.

9. Presentations

- Include copies of presentations but also list the presentations including location/conference and whether local, regional or international. You can include presentations at university and include talks in your practice, any case presentations, posters etc. 

10. Publications

- If you've been published in a peer-reviewed journal great, but if you've written any articles on any websites e.g. or Dentistry FMC, include those too!

11. CPD and Courses

- You can include certificates if you like but certainly a list with number of hours and whether verifiable/non-verifiable. 

12. Appraisals and Feedback

- Written feedback from educational supervisors is great as well as feedback from patients. 

13. Memberships and Supporting Documents

- The boring bit of the portfolio e.g. BDA, GDC, Dental Protection etc. Also include any memberships to specialist societies or journals. 

If you'd like to take a look at part of my portfolio, click here.

I am pleased to announce I am now offering one on one coaching to help you prepare your portfolio! Click here to find out more. 

I hope this helps! If you have any questions please post below. Good luck in your future careers!

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