Coaching Update: An Even Easier Way to Book!

I'm so excited that I have partnered with Examine Dental to make booking your one to one coaching sessions with me even easier!

I've been offering one on one and group coaching for almost 3 years now and coached over 100 dentists and dental professionals to help achieve their career goals. Coaching is one of the most fulfilling things I do as I am able to offer tailored support for people in their dental careers. This can be:

  • Interview practice - for foundation training, core training, speciality training, associate positions, fellowships and other dental interviews
  • Careers coaching - development of your career map, 5 year goals and exploring your own professional development
  • Portfolio development - essential for speciality training and the latter core training years. Also important for competitive associate interviews, how do you make yourself stand out?
  • CV development - CV writing sessions and review, how to structure your CV for different positions, cover letter writing
  • Mentoring - one on one mentoring tailored to your development goals
  • Examination preparation - whether that be for finals or other postgraduate exams like MFDS
  • Presentation training - trouble tackling nailing that presentation for a conference or at work? One on one practice and tips.
  • Level 2 accreditation mentoring - development of your portfolio for upcoming Special Care & Paediatric Level 2 accreditation
  • PG Diploma/Tricollegiate in Special Care Dentistry mentoring - preparation for examination and application support
  • Application or assignment review - want someone to review an application, assignment or piece of writing? I'm happy to help!
Read reviews from my previous coachees here

It's never been easier to book a session with me on Examine Dental; view available slots, reserve, pay and receive booking information all in a few clicks. To book click here

If you have any questions, please do contact me

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