90 Day Dental with Ahmad Nounu: Special Care Dentistry

It's been a huge pleasure to work alongside Ahmad Nounu to produce content for his 90 day dental project...

Me and Ahmad are both committee members of the BDA's YDC, and when he asked if I wanted to be involved in his lock down project of sharing knowledge in dentistry, of course I had to say yes!

The aim of the project is every day, for 90 days, to produce online Ted Talk style videos to educate the profession and remain positive throughout the crisis. And of course, I was to cover my favourite topic, Special Care Dentistry!

It's been a pleasure to contribute to the project, as Special Care doesn't often get a platform to educate in social media, and the profession often have misconceptions about what we actually get up to! So in this 3 parter, I cover Mental Capacity, what is Special Care Dentistry and when to refer, and what we can offer as specialist services once you do refer. 

Love to hear any feedback or comments and I hope you learn something! Here are the 3 videos to watch at your leisure!

Do you have any questions about Special Care? Let me know in comments below.

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