5 Years A Tooth Germ... Announcement!

So A Tooth Germ has been up and running for 5 years! Incredible stuff and the perfect opportunity to announce A Tooth Germ's new offering...

For those of you who didn't know, I started A Tooth Germ straight after dental school and to be honest if you'd have asked me then how I thought things would've panned out, I would never have guessed where A Tooth Germ is at now!

Almost half a million views later and the countless opportunities and networks A Tooth Germ has allowed me to have is incredible. From my involvement with Dentinal Tubules, to my freelance writing with Colgate I am so thankful that I took that time prior to starting foundation training to launch my blog!

So to celebrate I am launching a service I've been developing for some time... PERSONAL COACHING!

Having mentors or coaches in any profession is becoming increasingly important and although through many training positions such as foundation or core training support is there for many trainees, many younger dentists who work only in practice or in large units are seeking more one on one development... especially when it comes to competitive processes such as national recruitment for training posts or portfolio development for associate positions. 

I am hoping to bring my experience developing my own career path and portfolio to help others; with experience working in many fields of clinical and non-clinical dentistry I want to help people be the best dentists they can be and to find their career in dentistry fulfilling!

So currently I offering:

  • Interview practice - for foundation training, core training, speciality training, associate positions and other dental interviews
  • Careers coaching - development of your career map, 5 year goals and exploring your own professional development
  • Portfolio development - essential for speciality training and the latter core training years. Also important for competitive associate interviews, how do you make yourself stand out?
  • CV development - CV writing sessions, how to structure your CV for different positions, cover letter writing 
  • Mentoring - one on one mentoring tailored to your development goals 

Coaching sessions can be face to face if you are London based or via Skype/Zoom if more convenient. 

Different packages are available depending on your developmental needs - please contact me via the contact form page if you want further information!

Is there anything over the 5 years of blogging I haven't written about that you'd be interested in? Let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to blog about it!

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