3M Young Talent Award - Back to Seefelt

Seefelt twice in 3 months! But this time I was invited back to the 3M HQ to participate in their Young Talent Award. 

The participants for the awards.

When the UK 3M rep suggested I enter for this award back in the summer, I was very doubtful it would be accepted - but to my surprise I was invited to present one of my paediatric cases alongside some very respected clinicians from the UK and across the world!

There were participants from as far as South Africa and Pakistan and there was a broad range of topics presented. The Young Talent Awards are held every other year in Germany to celebrate some of the young talented dentists across the world! 

The day itself was packed with presentations every 20 minutes, 21 presentations in total from digital smile design, to dental material research, to impressive orthodontic case presentations! All the participants did a fantastic job and there were some very stimulating comments and discussions off the back of all the cases and research that were presenteds.

I presented one of my paediatric cases specifically talking about the Hall Technique (well I had to present a case where I used a 3M product!). 

To see my presentation click here

Of course we were the winning table at wine tasting! 

I didn't win (unsurprisingly), but many congratulations to all the prize winners and to all the other participants! There are some seriously good young dentists about! 

To celebrate, after a very swift costume change, 3M hosted a very entertaining evening of wine tasting which involved a quiz which of course we all got very competitive for! The following day was a bit of a struggle on 3 hours sleep but I had another opportunity to look around the 3M HQ and overall I met some really inspirational and genuine dentists from across the world. 

Many thanks to 3M for another amazing few days and for inviting me back to Seefelt.... I'm sure it won't be the last time!

Do you use any 3M products? Or been to Seefelt in person? Let me know in the comments below. 

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