Monday, 30 October 2017

3M Young Talent Award - Back to Seefelt

Seefelt twice in 3 months! But this time I was invited back to the 3M HQ to participate in their Young Talent Award. 

The participants for the awards.

When the UK 3M rep suggested I enter for this award back in the summer, I was very doubtful it would be accepted - but to my surprise I was invited to present one of my paediatric cases alongside some very respected clinicians from the UK and across the world!

There were participants from as far as South Africa and Pakistan and there was a broad range of topics presented. The Young Talent Awards are held every other year in Germany to celebrate some of the young talented dentists across the world! 

The day itself was packed with presentations every 20 minutes, 21 presentations in total from digital smile design, to dental material research, to impressive orthodontic case presentations! All the participants did a fantastic job and there were some very stimulating comments and discussions off the back of all the cases and research that were presenteds.

I presented one of my paediatric cases specifically talking about the Hall Technique (well I had to present a case where I used a 3M product!). 

To see my presentation click here

Of course we were the winning table at wine tasting! 

I didn't win (unsurprisingly), but many congratulations to all the prize winners and to all the other participants! There are some seriously good young dentists about! 

To celebrate, after a very swift costume change, 3M hosted a very entertaining evening of wine tasting which involved a quiz which of course we all got very competitive for! The following day was a bit of a struggle on 3 hours sleep but I had another opportunity to look around the 3M HQ and overall I met some really inspirational and genuine dentists from across the world. 

Many thanks to 3M for another amazing few days and for inviting me back to Seefelt.... I'm sure it won't be the last time!

Do you use any 3M products? Or been to Seefelt in person? Let me know in the comments below. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Dental Foundation Training Interviews: An Update

DFT interviews were the first thing I ever blogged about when I set up 'A Tooth Germ' over 3 years ago so I thought it was about time I posted an updated blog since the application process has changed recently...

My DFT preparation course last year

This year, I decided not to run my own course as I had way too much on my plate already! Instead I lectured on a course organised by one of my own delegates from last year where all the money raised go to charity - Akshaya Patra.

The 2 weekends that the course was held over saw some very enthusiastic and knowledgeable final years - good luck to all of you! 


1. Timings of the Situational Judgement Test (SJT): Previously, the SJT was at the centre on the day of the interview. For the first time this year it is being held separately online which you have to book onto between 1st-7th November

2. Pre-release of the Communication and PML station scenarios: Again for the first time this year you will receive the questions for both the communication and the PML stations one week before your interview. This is to help make the process fairer. Do not assume that there will not be any further questions interviewers may ask off the back of the main questions

3. Timing of ranking of scheme preference: This has been for the past few years the deadline for the ranking of your scheme preferences is after the interview itself between 4th-18th December

Common Scenarios to Revise

Common themes come up throughout the SJT and both stations and it's very important that you know the themes inside out! These include:

  • Clinical Governance
  • Raising Concerns
  • Complaints 
  • GDC standards
  • Whistleblowing
  • Consent
  • Capacity
  • Safeguarding
  • Confidentuality
  • Teamwork

Remember to practice, practice practice! Ask friends/family to practice interviewing you and timing it!

Again from my course - one on one interview practice is essential!

Where to find further information

There lots of resources out there to help prepare you (apart from just this blog!):

  • BDA final year guide
  • Dental Foundation Interview Guide
  • GDC standards for Professionals
  • COPDEND website
  • Society guidelines e.g. NICE, FGDP, AAE, BSP, BSPPD

If you have any queries please let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The First Inaugural Dentinal Tubules Congress 2017

Things have been very busy this month, starting with the FIRST EVER Inaugural Dentinal Tubules Congress!

Tubules Family!

Dentinal Tubules has come a long way since I first started getting involved in 2014; from a video library to live stream videos - 2017 has been a great year for Tubules and this October there was some more exciting news announced; for those who were there to see it at the congress, the news of the new Tubules Foundation was very emotional and Dhru is certainly one of the most inspirational people I know!

The 2 days of the Congress were held at the Grove Hotel in Watford which was a great venue (the England football team were staying there while we were there!) and the theme of the Congress was Top Tips in Dentistry. 

The first day of the congress was a hands-on day where delegates could choose which course they wanted to learn from. Some fantastic names like Dr Mahul Patel, Dr Jason Smithson and Prof Giulio Rasperini (just a few) were there to share their knowledge and expertise in their fields of dentistry. I chose to refresh some of my rusty surgical skills with hands on sinus lifts and ridge-split technique with Dr Sam Lee and Dr Arthur Lyford from the USA. 

I really enjoyed the hands-on element: we must have put the local butchers out of business with the supply of pig jaws we had access to!

With a little help, me avoiding that pesky sinus!

After the usual catch-ups with the Tubules gang in the evening, we were up again bright and early for a packed day of lectures from another amazing line-up: Prof Guilio Rasperini, Dr Carlo Poggio, Dr James Baker, Dr Jason Smithson, Dr Finlay Sutton, Dr Sam Lee, Dr Alessandro Conti, Dr Roberto Rossi and Davide Bertazzo

There was a huge range of topics discussed with some excellent cases and presentations discussed. The atmosphere was different from any other conference  I have been to: a much more interactive audience that truly represented the Tubules family ethos. 

As I mentioned above, Dhru announced some amazing news with the Dentinal Tubules Foundation helping raise funds for education for the poorest across the world! Of course there was a little fun as well (which is becoming a bit of a Tubules tradition), with the Mannequin Challenge which you see can the video for below! Can you spot yourself?

The conclusion of the conference of course was a rowdy Tubules party! It was great to catch up with the Tubules family and share the vision that Dhru has created with his Tubules team. Well and truly #Tubulised! I can't wait for next year!

Did you go to the Congress? What was your favourite talk? Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

DFT and Beyond - KCL Talk

Last week, KCL's Dentsoc invited me to speak to their final year dentists about Dental Foundation Training (DFT) and beyond!

What to expect from DFT.

Many of my readers will have recently started DFT and the first month I'm sure will have flown by! The first few months will be a huge learning curve from transitioning from university to being independent in practice and learning how the NHS dental system works. 

If you have followed my blog, you probably have read previous posts about my experience of my DFT year. At this talk I focused on my main tips to keep in mind during the year - this post summarises my tips. 

Lots of opportunities will arise in this year including meeting some inspirational and knowledgeable clinicians through study days and networking. Make the most of these opportunities and start building the foundations of your support network.  

Membership Exams

Another thing to consider during your DFT if whether you should take one of the membership exams i.e. MFDS or MJDF

These exams are becoming part of the culture of young dentists but think hard before you consider taking them. Do you want to keep your options open regarding postgraduate training or specialisation? Weigh up the costs of the exams, especially pertinent in your early career, with what benefit they may give you in the future. Don't just do them because everyone is else!

See my previous post about the differences between MJDF and MFDS

Dental Core Training

One of the options after completion of DFT is Dental Core Training (DCT). I thoroughly enjoyed my DCT year and I learnt so many skills during my post. 

Applying for DCT is becoming more and more popular and posts are becoming much more competitive, especially in places like London. There are a variety of posts available and it's a great option if you are unsure of what route your career may take you or you want to learn more about dentistry in secondary care. 

DCT doesn't just have to be the one year. There are also years 2 and 3 as well as run-through DCT 2/3 posts. To read more about DCT and why it could be a good option for you read my previous post

Other Career Options

I also discussed the other career options that you could consider after DFT or DCT. I remember when I first graduated from dental school, my perception of my career was I would just be in practice. It's funny how your thoughts and ambitions change over time! 

I have plenty of posts about careers on my blog. 

It was a pleasure to speak to a dedicated group of students who were motivated enough to still be in a lecture theatre beyond 6pm!! I hope the message from my talk, to be ambitious and make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way, hit home even when the pressure of DFT interviews and finals are looming!

To see a copy of my presentation from the day, see here.

What tips would you give final years about DFT and beyond? Let me know in the comments below.

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