Dental Core Training - Why Should I Go Back to Hospital?

Dental Core Training applications are coming up. I've already had a few queries about it from those interested in applying... so why should you choose this over an associate job?

What is DCT?

Dental Core Training (DCT), previously DF2 or SHO is a year after completion of Dental Foundation Training (DFT) where you are placed in a training environment (most commonly a dental hospital or OMFS department).

These posts are meant to increase your skills in specific areas with hands-on treatment under supervision. It can help you develop our skills as a dentist but is also the first stepping stone onto the ladder of specialisation (see my previous post here about career pathways).

What posts are available?

There are lots of different posts available, here are just a few examples:
  • MaxFax 
  • Paediatrics
  • Oral Surgery 
  • Community
  • Restorative
  • Oral Medicine
  • General Duties
There are posts where you can rotate throughout the specialities. Overall there are around 400 posts available nationwide. See your individual Deanery websites to see what posts are available or see the COPDEND website

Why might you consider DCT?

There are so many reasons why you might consider applying for DCT. Here are just a few:
  1. You can develop your skills as a dentist and gain responsibility
  2. You can learn from other dentists and work under consultants and specialists
  3. You work within a big team, often in a multi-disciplinary manner
  4. You can work in a very social environment with lots of different people
  5. You can develop your career pathway and find out which direction you want to go in, for example do you want to specialise?
  6. You can learn skills that can help you gain further qualifications e.g. MJDF/MFDS (see my post about this here.)
  7. You will learn what is an appropriate referral to secondary care and what happens on the other end
  8. You can get involved in research and audit projects 
  9. Help you understand clinical governance
  10. To appreciate waiting lists
  11. To learn how to cope under pressure and how to prioritise

How do I apply?

Applications are similar to Dental Foundation Training, through Oriel. They open on the 29th January with some areas such as London, Oxford and Wessex and Kent, Surrey and Sussex amalgamating their recruitments. 

Last year for London, the application closed after the first 350 applications (this took around a day), so make sure you get your application in as soon as you can. It's not a tricky form to fill in - just personal details, qualifications, referees etc. Check the other individual Deaneries for more information. 

If you didn't know, I am a DCT at Guy's Hospital in London - my first 6 month rotation has been Restorative (I also do a day of Oral Surgery); we will see what my second rotation will be. I would definitely recommend my post. I chose it as I still see myself in practice eventually so picking a post where I can apply the skills I learn back in a primary setting was my priority. Everyone at Guy's is really friendly too and I see such a huge variety of patients! 

I hope this has helped you decide if you want to apply for DCT... Look out for my posts closer to the time of interviews with some top tips to help you prepare to smash them!

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