DENTEEZ: An Interview with Director Michael Khosrowpour*

Many of you may have come across the website DENTEEZ, but what is it and how may it useful for you?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Khosrowpour, the Director of the site. He answered the above question as well as explaining how Denteez 'Makes Dentistry Easier'.

What is Denteez?

Denteez was the brainchild of two dentists: Essi Ganjeh and Nick Ghateh. They dreamt of making life easier for Dental professionals by putting everything they need together in one place. So they set up Denteez, a free global social networking platform. The site has been up and running for around 18 months now, although the idea for the site is over 2 years old and the site was relaunched 3 months go. Since it's inception it has accumulated over 4000 user profiles.

What makes Denteez unique?

Denteez offers all the services dental professionals need and encompasses connecting platforms linking professionals to colleagues, services and suppliers. It's similar to a 'Linked In' for Dentists but with other services such as courses, events, classifieds, jobs, news and support. 

The site aims to bring together the vast numbers of products and new technologies that are coming on the market and may be particularly useful for busy practice owners who can find what they need quickly. They can find out all they need to know about CQC compliance, marketing, recruitment and finance. 

Dentists can also 'showcase' clinical photographs to display their talents which may be useful for potential employers - a tool which may be useful for the younger generation who may be finding getting a job difficult. You can also update your 'About Me' section and together with your showcase, in effect build a 'CV' for employers.  

Who uses Denteez?

Our 4000 users range from dentists, to accountants and those in the dental industry (e.g. manufacturers) to dental care professionals (nurses, therapists, technicians). 

We have tailored our site to each group so each user can connect with what interests them. When you join the site you can choose what may interest you such as 'orthodontics' etc. and those posts tagged within this group will appear on your feed. 

Recently, we've added the 'Ask a colleague' feature, where dentists and DCPs can discuss cases confidentially and safely to help improve their practice and support all dental professionals throughout their careers. 

What are the plans for Denteez in the future?

We've recently launched our mobile app which is available to download both on Iphone and Android - as always the app is free to users! This way professionals can interact with each other on the go, for instance by using the chat function. 

Unfortunately I can't tell you any more at the moment.... all I can say is watch this space. We are continually developing the site and offering of Denteez to align with what our users want and ultimately, make their lives easier!

Denteez is a great way to connect with dentists and other dental professionals not only across the UK, but globally. It's a fantastic resource where you can find help, search for jobs and learn from other colleagues. Click here to join the 'Home of Dentistry' today!

Do you use Denteez? What do you think of the site and the newly launched mobile app? Let me know in the comments below!

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