Models of Dental Care for People Experiencing Homelessness in the UK

My latest publication is the one I am probably most proud of.... it's an adapted version of my Masters thesis looking at the models of dental care available in the UK for people who experience homelessness...

This piece of work has been over 3 years in the making... from the original literature searches in 2020, to submission for my MSc and now to amending for publication in the British Dental Journal! When I started off, formulating my research question this moment seemed very VERY far off! 

I would not have been able to have completed this project and my MSc without the support of Dentaid, but also my MSc supervisors. Research is very fulfilling, but can also be super daunting and there are moments when you get yourself stuck down a rabbit hole of reading and going round in circles around a problem. But writing this up has been one of the most fun I have had in my career so far. 

In my paper, I highlight the models that have been used and evaluated in the UK when delivering dental care for people who experience homelessness. Patterns include:
  1. Using mobile dental services - such as mobile dental vans or even domiciliary care
  2. Outreach to promote inreach, signposting to services and deliver oral health promotion
  3. Multi-disciplinary working with other medical and social care services such as co-location, referrals and partnership working
To read my paper in full, click here

Do you have any feedback or comments about the paper? Or on completing a thesis whether for a diploma, masters or pHD? Please leave them in the comments below.

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