After 8 years and many hours of tapping away on my keyboard... A Tooth Germ has reached over 1 MILLION PAGE VIEWS!

I started my blog back between the time of finishing dental school and starting my first job as a Foundation Dentist.... which feels like an age ago! I had always wanted to start a blog about dentistry as the information out there for young dentists and dental students was rather confusing back then. 

The skills I've learnt from starting this journey and the opportunities that have come my way, I would never had predicted! From becoming more confident with writing, how to set up a website and honing the use of social media.... to job opportunities and media features! It's been a mental ride!

I am also so proud that others choose to submit their articles to be featured on my site. I am so glad the platform I built is able to showcase the work of other young (and not so young!) dentists and dental professionals. 

Thank you to every single person who has ever read my blog, shared a post, submitted an article or dropped me message! 

I am at a stage in my career, and my life, of great transition. From trainee, to specialist... and not to mention my recent promotion to motherhood! I am looking forward to the next chapter of A Tooth Germ; maybe no longer a primitive form of a tooth, but still developing and growing in many ways. 

To celebrate this huge milestone, I will be launching a new blog series soon! Watch this space...

Where would you like A Tooth Germ to go? Any suggestions of blog posts? Or would you like to submit an article to be published? Let me know in the comments or drop me a message!

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