DTC Competition: Reflecting on a Complaint with Haya Basmachi

Next entry for my DTC competition is from Haya Basmachi from Peninsula Dental School...

Haya, dental student from Peninsula Dental School

In the world of dentistry, we hope to achieve every patient’s expectations. However, this is not the reality. Even though we try to achieve our maximum, it will not meet everyone’s hopes but many patients do appreciate that regardless. 

Complaints must be handled in a healthy way, as it should be a mechanism to improve to be better and excel in what we are doing. To receive a complaint is one thing but to act and reflect on it, is another story. 

According to Johns model (John C, 2009), the way to handle a complaint is to go through four steps: describe the experience, reflect, alternative actions, and learning. 

It is very crucial to describe what happened then ask yourself why did that happen? How did it make me feel? After you have asked yourself that then think what I can do different that will make the dental team, the patient and myself happy. After all that being dealt with, make a list of what did you learn from this experience and your feeling after you have reflected on it. 

As a dental student, I am aware that we are learning step by step and trying to grasp every opportunity we can to build confidence in our work. Once you become confident, your patients will trust you more, your dental will trust you more and so will your superiors. 

Would like to end this short blog by saying dentistry is an art, so just like any form of art some people will like it, and some don’t. if you ask me why I will tell you: “everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view”. Therefore, just do YOUR best and trust YOURSELF.

Look out for more entries for the competition coming soon!

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