A Trio of Podcasts

So over lock down and now in the recovery period, I've been featured on not one, not two, but THREE podcasts! 


Podcast 1 - Teeth & Tales with Dr Shaadi Manouchehri

In this podcast I talk with the lovely Dr Shaadi about dental anxiety. Her podcast series is to help patients navigate the world of dentistry and to empower them with the knowledge to improve their own oral health. 

Podcast 2 - A Dental Life with Zinab Kassir

In this podcast we discuss so many things! Zinab is a dental student sharing people's journeys in dentistry and we talk about special care, domiciliary care, working in the community, blogging.... everything!!!


Podcast 3 - The Incisal Edge with Alun Rees

Finally, in July I was talking to the wonderful Alun Rees about Special Care, my journey into dentistry and how to remain positive!

So I think that takes my podcast appearances up to a grand total of 6! Such a pleasure to chat to every host, each podcast with its own unique angle on things. 

Please don't listen to them ALL at once... one you'll be fed up of my voice, and also you'll get to hear some of my favourite stories in all 3 episodes!

Make sure to subscribe to the podcasts to keep up to date with dentistry and listen to some really cool episodes!

If you have any comments any of the podcasts just leave them in the comments below!

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