COVID-19 diaries with Becca Pullin: Finding a Silver Lining - A Student Perspective

Another COVID-19 diaries entry today with Becca Pullin, a 3rd year dental student...

Becca Pullin, a third year dental student at Bristol University

5 weeks ago, isolation became our new normal - but this isn't to say that this was easy to adjust to. Speaking to many colleagues and friends, I found that we all had something in common - that isolation has meant uncertainty in many different forms: be it mentally, financially or academically. I'm lucky to study at Bristol Dental Hospital which is backed by really great staff members - their support has allayed many fears, especially when considering the numbers of students with health conditions or vulnerable family members (like myself). 

Covid cannot win. At 4 weeks, whilst knowing how scary everything was, I decided that the bravest thing I could try and do in lock down would be to stay strong for those around me and make the best use of my time. I realised that I was making lock down into something it didn't have to be instead of precious time to connect with others and find my 'why' in dentistry.  

Factoring in my daily lie ins, I give structure to my days: making each worthwhile and something to look forward to. 

My dogs are also reaping the rewards of lock down and receiving a record number of walks

I can still chat with the course mates I saw daily at the hospital and even speak to old friends from back home more regularly than I did previously. When it came to my birthday, it didn't matter that I couldn't have a massive party - being surrounding by healthy family and friends (whether in person or virtually) was the best gift I have received in 22 years. 

I'm now making my own timetables and am having fun with it! Finishing university work on my normal deadlines, I tune into webinars and online lectures from generous dentists across the world. Each day I keep it varied and watch something on a different topic: communication, restorative, perio, prosthetics, endo, oral surgery, oral med, anything! Plus re-listening to favourite dental podcasts and watching videos of incredible dentists giving career advice allows ample reflection time to consider future steps and to remember why you interviewed for BDS in the first place!

Covid has brought my 'why' back. It's more than the manual dexterity and continual patient care because I'm still crazy about what I study away from the surgery. Now, more than ever, I've realised that I dream of paying back colleagues and patients in the same way as the dentists I've been admiring each day. Kindness isn't just for Covid, it's my primary career goal.

Do you want to write a COVID-19 diary? Please get in touch! Whether you're a dental student, foundation dentist, dental core trainee, associate, dental nurse, therapist I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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