Why Do I Blog? Dental Nursing Journal Article

I've been blogging for over 4 years now... but why do I do it? What would be my top tips for aspiring bloggers?

Why did I start my blog?

I started my blog during the time between finishing university and starting my first job. I had 3 months to kill and while others were off travelling in their last summer before starting their careers, I spent the time setting up my own website: A TOOTH GERM

I always wanted to start my own blog after following a few others (mostly in beauty, fashion or travelling), but it seemed to take a back seat over university life! After a few months it became an addiction of mine; a creative outlet and actually it has really helped me develop my writing skills. 

What have I learnt over the years?

Over the 4 years of blogging, my style has been refined and has changed alongside my professional development. The main things I've learnt are:

  • Pick your audience and tailor your style of writing specifically to them. Do not try to cover all bases as people come to blogs for specific reasons 
  • Quality not quantity is important. I used to blog every couple of days, but with every changing content, not only was my work-life balance not great, but readers could't keep up
  • Blog posts should not be too long. It's better to split into separate posts with links between them as readers want bite sized portions of information

Is blogging just for dentists?

No! Blogging can be for anyone; not even just individuals, but groups of dental professionals or dental practices. 

The important thing is to find your audience and blog about something you care about! Whether you're a dentist, dental nurse, dental technician or dental student!

To read the full article in the Dental Nursing Journal, click here

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