Dental Foundation Training: An Update with Dental Training Consultants

This year I have joined the fabulous Dental Training Consultants (DTC) Team to lecture on their Dental Foundation Training Mock Interview Course...

All set to go in London

This is the fourth year I've been lecturing about Dental Foundation Training (DFT) interview preparation and this year I've joined DTC on their courses across the UK; from London, to Bristol, to Leeds and Manchester next week. 

I've blogged every year about DFT recruitment, as the process changes (see last year's post here) and it's important for those applying to ensure they know the process inside and out!

Changes This Year

  1. Pre-release of scenarios: Last year, both stations were released a week before the interviews. This year this has changed again with only the communication station being released beforehand this year. 
  2. Minimum score on the Situational Judgement Test (SJT): This is completely new with the minimum score being 8 out of 80 (pretty achievable!). If this is not achieved, the candidate will be excluded from the recruitment process. There is no minimum score on the stations
  3. Timing of offers: This has historically been around January time; however, this meant that when BDS results were released in May/June, that offers had to be revoked and reallocated with those who did not achieve their BDS. This year, the offers process will be in June so that this situation is avoided. 

Top Tips

If you're still looking to attend a mock interview course, there are a few places left for the DTC course in Leeds next weekend (Oct 21st).... but here is a snippet of some of my top tips:
  • Preparation is key. You will not perform well if you do not prepare
  • Practice practice practice. With friends, colleagues, clinical supervisors both the PML and communication stations
  • Practice SJT questions, even try writing some example questions and ask your tutors to help you rank questions
  • Make sure you read all the emails through Oriel well and prepare any documents or paperwork days before your interview or SJT 
  • Make sure you know the GDC Standards of Care for Dental Professionals back to front
  • Look at the marking schemes for each station which are available on the COPDEND website

This process can be stressful, but it is as fair as it can be. You may not get your first choice, but ultimately DFT is only one year and there will be ways you can make the most of your year! Don't let it distract you from achieving that BDS! Good luck!

If you have any queries please let me know in the comments below.

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