Tubules Director's Day: What is Leadership?

Tubules unite! A few weeks ago we had our annual Tubules Directors' meeting...

Probably rehearsal number 3!

This year's Directors' Day was at HEYTHROP PARK in Oxford where this year's 2nd Inaugural Dentinal Tubules Congress will be held in October.

We had to chance to check out the venue where over 4th-5th October, this year's fantastic line up with hold the stage as well as run a day of hands on workshops... and there are 3 days left until the Early Bird Rate expires - click here to reserve your place! 

I was really impressed with this year's venue, especially since the venue from last year's congress was pretty amazing. Dhru welcomed us to the venue with his usual enthusiasm and talked to us about his leadership vision as well as sharing with us some of the feedback he received daily for all of his hard work with Tubules. 

And then it was time for some filming! We all had great fun with the Tubules Drone attempting to coordinate ourselves in an orderly fashion!

The Tubules Team. Photo credit Neel Jaiswal 

Throughout the day we heard from some fantastic speakers about leadership. 

Firstly, Daniel Priestly, author and entrepreneur spoke about Key Person of Influence (KPI) and how to become a leader/influencer in your field using some of his tools e.g. the 5 Ps. We then had a fantastic talk from the esteemed Colin Campbell. Many of the Tubules directors have had the pleasure of hearing Colin speak before and yet again he did not disappoint. Colin spoke about how every health professional should act in a way that delivers the greatest impact and demonstrate leadership to both patients and colleagues. 

Finally, some of our fellow directors shared tips of what makes a good study club. At Tubules our family listens to the feedback of their members to continually improve study clubs, workshops and events to be in line with the Tubules ethos: Share, Learn, Connect

And there's a sneak peak of the Drone footage from the day.....

Will you be attending this year's congress? Let me know in the comments below. 

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