The Ultimate Test Drive: Review of Oral B Genius Electric Toothbrush

A few months ago my local Oral B rep introduced me to their latest offering in electric toothbrushes: The Genius 9000. What did I think?

What are the key features of the Genius?

As well as the usual features of the other Oral B toothbrushes, the Genius includes:
  • Position detection - connect your toothbrush by bluetooth to the Oral B App and the toothbrush along with facial recognition (like when taking a selfie) knows what area of the mouth you are brushing and helps tell you when to move on as well as highlighting areas you may miss
  • Pressure sensor - already a feature of many of the previous models, the pressure sensor lights up red if it detects you are pressing too hard. Brushing too hard can lead to tooth wear and gum recession
  • In built timer - the brush buzzes every 30 seconds, helping you to move around your mouth systematically and brush for the correct time

Test Drive

So not only did I get my own personal Genius to try out at home but also a modified brush to use on my patients. The brush can be disinfected and is supplied with single use disposable brush heads as well as barriers for the body.

How many times do dentists just blanket recommend electric toothbrushes to patients who have never used them before? Having the Test Drive to directly demonstrate in the patient's mouth makes it much easier for patients to see the benefit of the toothbrush. Specifically for the patients I see such as children with high caries rates or those with special needs (learning difficulties, mental health problems, dementia) where someone else is brushing on their behalf, demonstrations in their mouths are really useful. If you are demonstrating for their carers, letting them have a go themselves often converts them to using an electric brush as it makes their lives easier!

I can say after using the toothbrush myself I can feel the difference between it and a manual toothbrush and I think one of the most important things for me I now KNOW that I definitely brush for 2 minutes now! There are also different strength of brushing which might be useful if you were going to share the body of the toothbrush in a family where there are children or if you had particularly sensitive gums. I also like how you can change the colour this toothbrush lights up with!

To see a demonstration of the brush see the video below. 

To grab your own Test Drive, speak to your local Oral B rep! Massive thanks to Boris for mine.

Have you used the Oral B Genius? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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