The Dental Awards 2017

This weekend was spent out of the capital again.... up to the Midlands to Birmingham.

If you follow my Instagram feed, you may know I was shortlisted for YOUNG DENTIST OF THE YEAR!! Firstly this was amazing, especially when I saw who else was on the shortlist; but my second though was what was I going to wear!! 

The Awards ceremony was held on the Friday around The Dentistry Show and it was huge! The venue was packed with what looked to be a thousand dental professionals and we all know dentists know how to party.

It can be amazing how small the world of dentistry can be sometimes... I ended up sitting at a table with a lab I used to use last year! Of course the evening was a blast with entertainment from a group of Magicians called 'Chicks and Tricks' followed by a disco. Awards were presented from dentists to technicians to receptionists and entire dental teams. 

I didn't win the award (co-founder of Dental Circle, Amit Patel beat me to it!) but there were so many worthy finalists... everyone deserved to win! Well done to all the finalists and thanks to the organisers of the event. 

I'm proud to say that I actually made it to the Dentistry Show the following day (a little bit worse for wear). Bring on next year's event! 

Check out the winners of the awards on Dental Republic

Were you shortlisted for one of the awards? Or go to the ceremony? What did you think? Leave your comments in the section below.

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