BASCD Spring Meeting: Posters and Networking

Last week I attended the second day of the BASCD Spring Scientific meeting which was held in picturesque Oxford. 

Presenting my poster at the Meeting

Who are BASCD?

The British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD) are an alliance of individuals with an interest in population oral health and according to their website:
  • Work to provide a set of principles for the improvement of oral health and the development of oral health are and promote their dissemination
  • Influence policy at international, regional and local level
  • Support members with training, development, partnership working, networking and advocacy
  • Hold, develop and communicate a sound body of knowledge and evidence to facilitate their work

It was interesting to see that at the meeting there wasn't only dentists and dental care professionals, but other health and social workers e.g. pharmacists, public health advisers. 

What did the day look like?

The theme of the Spring meeting was networks within Dental Public Health. The line up of speakers was very interesting and varied; in fact there were few dentists talking!

The day started with Carol Gillanders speaking on how to successfully raise funds or sponsorship. She talked about the types of money you can raise e.g. major giving, sponsorship, leadership and how it is very important to know the value of what you are offering in exchange for sponsorship. 

Following this we learnt about networking as well as a hands-on practice with Shirley Clark. This was really fun and was a fantastic opportunity to meet the other delegates and get to know them in a structured way that also improved your own general social and professional skills! 

The afternoon discussed online networks including talks from psychologist Ciaran MacMahon, public health physician Prof Amanda Burls and Tony Jacobs, founder of GDPUK (which I've mentioned in a previous blog post). 

Another Poster!

As you can see from the picture above, I had the opportunity to have another poster chosen for this conference. The difference was, BASCD also asked you to present the findings of your poster to the room (which was a little intimidating to say the least!). 

The topic of my poster was some work I did last year when I was at Guy's Hospital working on their Acute Dental Clinic and is a topic that I really care about: how vulnerable patients access emergency dental services, in particular those with mental health issues and the homeless. 

To read a copy of my poster click here

A massive thank you to my co-author Janine! I enjoyed the meeting this year with a more non-dental approach to some of the issues we face in public health and community dental and I met some great people at the event. And of course, while in Oxford I had to take in the sights!

The Radcliffe Camera in Oxford

Did you attend this year's Spring Meeting? What did you think? Leave them in the comments section.

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