Tubules Relaunch Party: The Genius 2 has arrived!

So back at the beginning of February Dentinal Tubules hosted their most anticipated Relaunch party...

Tubules Family: Study Club Directors

You may have read one of my previous posts explaining What's the Deal with Tubules..? and why you should join; this relaunch will give you so many more reasons to join!

The evening was held at The Fable in London; drinks were flowing (including 2 specially made cocktails for Tubules), there were yummy snacks as well as the usual wonderful Tubules company. The party-goers were exclusively invited as premium members, study club members and supporters of the Tubules ethos and were there to cheer on Dhru as he announced the upcoming overhauled Tubules website. 

So What's New?

Many of you may be familiar with the current website and what it has to offer, but from April 1st, the Genius 2 (the current site is called the Genius) will be launched!

Those you who were at the event will have seen a sneak preview of the new site which includes an improved and easy to navigate interface, private platforms for each study group, new playlists where you can save your favourite videos and a comprehensive CPD record. 

For the past year, Tubules Study Clubs have grown from strength to strength and now the clubs have spread internationally! Make sure you sign up to premium membership before April (as the price is going up!) and Tubules will honour this price for a lifetime. 

The evening itself was a huge success (including an impressive magic trick from Rishi) and it was a pleasure as always to see so many familiar faces from some inspirational people in the profession! Check out the highlights video from the evening...

To see my posts about previous #TubulesLive events see here.

Were you at the event? Did you enjoy your evening? Leave your comments in the box below!

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