Make A Dentist Conference 2017

Last weekend, the annual Make A Dentist Conference took place at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. 

Dr Mukesh Soni speaking at the conference

This year I am part of the Make A Dentist Committee and the committee was very excited about this year's line up. The event was sold out and a surprising number of dental students turned up considering it was a Saturday (I don't recall arising before 11am on a Saturday when I was a student!). 

This year's line up crossed all realms of the dental world and featured some of the leading names in the profession:

Dr Sundeep Rooprai - Buying a Dental Practice. Where do I start?
Dr Hatem Algraffee - Surgical Periodontics. Is it neccessary and needed?
Dr Mukesh Soni - Practical Implantology and  Social Media
Dr Andrew Wallace - How every dentist can carry out sage and predictable aesthetic Orthodontics
Dr Rikin Parekh - Getting started in Facial Aesthetics
Dr Nilesh Parmar - Titanium is the answer
Dr Mahul Patel - Treatment techniques and approaches in the posterior dentition
Dr Richard Porter - The relentless pursuit of beauty and the dentists' role

Dr Richard Porter delivering his talk on the pursuit of beauty

Top Tips from Speakers

1. Dr Sundeep Rooprai - When considering buying a practice, consider doing so with a business partner. This will split costs; however, be careful who you chose as your business partner... you don't want to ruin any of your friendships!

2. Dr Hatem Algraffee - Emdogain can be used to regenerate lost periodontal support but only in vertical or walled defects, not in horizontal bone loss

3. Dr Mukesh Soni - In order to preserve alveolar bone during extractions (specifically the buccal bone), make sure you learn to use luxators correctly! Apply down the long axis of teeth: this may mean you need to decoronate a tooth. Ultimately this ridge preservation will be useful if an implant is considered in the future

4. Dr Andrew Wallace - When you give your patients good aesthetic results, they are your most important marketing tool and will refer you their friends and family for treatment.  

5. Dr Rikin Parekh - When considering a career in facial aesthetics, shop around for your insurance as conventional dental indemnity providers are often not the most cost effective. For example, companies such as Hamilton Fraser.

6. Dr Nilesh Parmer - According to surveys on social media, the most common dental course undergraduates want to enrol on during their first 3 years post qualification are orthodontics. Focus on your basic skills first e.g. endodontics, oral surgery, coronal restorations, before considering these extra skills

7. Dr Richard Porter - Provided a refreshing talk on our obsession with beauty and the media's perception of what is beautiful e.g. celebrities who post photos of themselves with no make-up on are 'brave', not beautiful

8. Dr Mahul Patel - When cementing multiple extra-coronal restorations, ensure you cement individually in order to aid interproximal clean-up of cement and resin residue

After a long day of learning from the best, my brain was buzzing and ready for rest!

The day was jammed-packed full of tips and personal experiences from the speakers and each speaker was very entertaining. The audience of the conference was mainly students and young dentists and each speaker had tailored their talks to these early stages and their own tips from what they have learnt through their careers. I'd like to thank all the speakers for dedicating their time and expertise to speak in aid of the charity's cause and the entire committee for their hard work on the day!

To read my post about last year's conference click here

Did you go the conference? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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