EACMFS and BAOS: Posing with Posters

September was a month of poster presentations for me...


The sun was shining for the European Association of Cranio Maxillofacial Surgery and they could not have picked a better venue; the QEII conference centre opposite Westminster Abbey!

I was only there for a day, but the conference was running all week and the programme was packed with prestigious speakers, presentations from across Europe and some that were not so medicine-based. The first lectures I went to were talking about human factors in surgery where there were presentations from people who help control the traffic above UK air space!

There were some really packed sessions about MRONJ, head and neck cancer and cleft palates; it was hard to decide which room to go in! 

The posters themselves were a little different to what I have seen before: they were interactive presented on TV screens where you could display your poster or search through them. This did mean that you didn't have to worry about printing your poster or putting it up! 

My poster was a case presentation about Brown Tumours. To read a copy of the poster, click here

Posing with my interactive poster!


Later on in the month, I headed up to Edinburgh for the British Association of Oral Surgeons annual conference. This was a bit of an excuse for a reunion with Guy's Oral Surgery department (having only been away from them for a couple of weeks!). 

Our poster was presented the traditional way and we had to sneak on our poster onto hand luggage on our flight up! There was a range of posters presented from E-Cigarettes to the use of social media in the dental profession. 

Our poster was presenting an audit on antimicrobial prescribing in Guy's Acute Dental Care department and we had 6 cycles of data in total! 

To see a copy of my poster, see here

Poster number 2!

Both conferences were a great way to catch up with people as well as a fantastic learning opportunity!

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