MFDS Part Two - The Exam

So last week I sat the second part of MFDS exam following my completion of MJDF (see my post about this here). So how did the exam go?

So last week I sat my MFDS part two exam. If you're still unsure what MFDS is or if you should sit it see my previous post here

Despite sitting MJDF part one, I could still opt to sit MFDS part two. I chose to do this due to the timings of the exam as well as preferring the format of MFDS. The exam was held at London (despite being the Glasgow college holding the exam) and so was very easy for me to get to!  

Preparation Tips

You can only take part two after one year of experience after graduation (as well as sitting part one of either MFDS or MJDF). 

There are some example questions on the MFDS website and their questions each year are very similar. If you know someone with a bank of previous questions, hassle them to share it with you! Most of the situations are things you would come across commonly when working in a secondary care environment although most of the scenarios assume you are a GDP in general practice. 

Revision Hints for the Exam

Here are some of the question topics that come up a lot and from what I can remember from the exam:

  • Treatment options for closure of spaces in hypodontia patients
  • Dealing with patients who have undiagnosed disease after seeing other GDPS i.e. supervised neglect
  • Explaining treatment options for infraoccluded Es
  • Management of supernumerary teeth that are obstructing eruption of adult teeth
  • Managing patient whose bitewings got stuck in the developer
  • Management of patient with avulsed teeth
  • Breaking bad news e.g. suspicious lesions 
  • Managing patients with complex medical histories e.g. warfarin, prosthetic heart valves, bisphosphonates
  • TMJD
  • Treatment options for management of white spots
  • Explaining diagnoses of findings of full mouth PAs/DPT
  • Explaining RCT vs. XLA
  • Management of needlestick injuries

Format of the Exam

The exam was 2 hours long. It is made up of 12 stations, 10 minutes long each. There are 2 rest stations and therefore 10 examination stations. 

At each station there is an actor and an examiner. Prior to going into the station you have 2 minutes to read through the booklet information for that station which may have photographs and radiographs  - you can write on the booklet if you want. For some stations I finished slightly early, whereas with others I could've gone on for another 10 minutes!!

I think the main focus of the exam is to test your communication skills; not your clinical knowledge. So it's important to listen and empathise with the patient's concerns and explain treatment options clearly without jargon. 

For more information, see the MFDS RCSGS or RCSED website.

I hope this helps those who are thinking about possibly sitting the exam at the next rotation! Fingers crossed everything went well!

I am pleased to announce I am now offering one on one coaching to help candidates prepare for the examination. Click here to find out more. 

Did you sit the exam? What did you think of it? Please let me know in the comments below!

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