A Pop-up Up on the 34th Floor: BT Tower Revolving Restaurant

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will have noticed my spamming of views of London on Tuesday night. If you're still unsure where I was, I was at the top of the BT tower

One of the views form the top

It's the BT tower's 50th anniversary this year and in celebration, they've opened back up the revolving restaurant at the top! 

The restaurant hasn't been open since 1980 and since I see the tower everyday from my terrace I was eager to get the chance to go up to the top! Public access is usually only limited to private events and the tower is currently mostly used as a television network switching centre. 

Luckily one of my friends managed to win the ballot that was opened (apparently over 60,000 people applied for only 1400 spots!), so we were whisked up to the 34th floor for a 7 course meal.

Our evening. Clockwise from top left: Cauliflower foam starter, Chocolate Custard, Hake with tomatoes olives and basil, Slow cooked hen's egg and charred lecture, Lemon posset, Post dinner tea, The indulgent cheese trolley, Spiced duck breast main and the night time view from the restaurant.

Security was airport like at the tower and we were greeted with a glass of champagne and a 360 view of London. It was great to see the change of light throughout the evening from light, to dusk to night. 

By the end of the amazing 7 courses I was stuffed! I didn't think I would be able to eat everything on the menu, and I almost did (I had to pass on the last few bites of the chocolate pudding!). After a while I forgot that the restaurant was constantly revolving so when it juddered to a stop at the end of the night, it was almost like stepping off a ferry or landing a plane. It also meant that when we got up to go to the bathroom, when you'd re-emerge it took a few seconds to re-orientate yourself and find your table.

Although the evening was pretty expensive (dinner came to almost £80), it was worth it as this sort of thing will not be happening again any time soon. We also were given a certificate and pack on the way out as a souvenir of the night. 

Were you lucky enough to win a spot on the ballot? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below!

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