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So last week I sat my MJDF part one exam. If you're still unsure what MJDF is or if you should sit it see my previous post here

Since I live in London, my journey to the exam centre (The Emirates Football Stadium), was considerably less than a lot of the other candidates that were at the exam. I was grateful all I had to do in the morning was hop on the bus from outside my flat and 20 minutes later I was there - much preferably to some of my friends journeys from Newcastle or Leeds. 

Preparation Tips

The sooner you take the exam after finals the better. Finals are much harder but you'll have all that information fresh in your mind. Some of my friends took the exam in October, but I think the majority do take the exam when I did as finances just after starting DF1 can be a bit stretched. 

There are some example questions on the MJDF website and their questions each year are very similar. If you know someone with a bank of previous questions, hassle them to share it with you! 

There are a few text books out there too that I would recommend in preparation for the exam:
  1. Best of Fives in Dentistry by Douglas Hammond
  2. EMQs for Dentistry by Douglas Hammond
  3. MCQs for Dentistry by Kathy Fan
  4. SAQs for Dentistry by Kathy Fan

Revision Hints for the Exam

Here are some of the question topics that come up a lot and from what I can remember from the exam:

  • IOTN 
  • Reasons for delayed eruption
  • Consent issues e.g. capacity, Gillick's competency, Parental Responsibility
  • Trauma in children
  • Fluoride guidelines
  • Eruption dates and calcification dates
  • Cephalometric values and points
  • Antibiotic classes and guidelines
  • Drug interactions e.g. warfarin
  • NHS banding system 
  • TMJ anatomy 
  • Practice policies e.g. appraisals, autoclave servicing, CPD requirements
  • Practice remit of dental professionals e.g. therapists, orthodontic therapists, clinical dental technicians
  • Cranial nerves and what they innervate
  • Bridge designs

Format of the Exam

The exam was 3 hours long which was plenty of time in my opinion. Quite a few people left early, but I thought I'd kick myself afterwards if I left early so I made sure I took my time and stayed until the end.

There were 150 questions and the exam was split into 2 sections. The first half were extended matching answer questions whereas the second half were single answer questions. All were multiple choice and the paper was not negatively marked. 

All stationary was provided and it was probably one of the most chilled out exams I've ever sat! For more information see the MJDF website.

I hope this helps those who are thinking about possibly sitting the exam at the next rotation in October. Bring on part 2 - any tips or hints on this would be greatly appreciated!!

To read more about MFDS part two, see my recent post here.

I am pleased to announce I am now offering one on one coaching to help candidates prepare for the examination. Click here to find out more. 

Did you sit the exam? What did you think of it? Please let me know in the comments below!

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