Dentistry isn't all about Teeth: CCS Entrepreneur Mixer

You may have seen one of my previous posts summarising a Click Convert Sell Webinar about marketing STO in practice. I was lucky enough to be invited to their first Entrepreneur Mixer this weekend.

What is CCS?

Click Convert Sell's (CCS) mission is to help grow small businesses so that they not only are more profitable, but also so that they gain more freedom by implementing lifecycle marketing, virtual teams globally and automation. 

Their products:

  • 'Marketing As You Go' - a service to create videos, blogs and landing pages to improve your SEO ranking.
  • 'Elite Virtual Team' - creating a global team in places such as the Phillipines to help you with your work load
  • 'The Automation Experts' - implementing lifecycle marketing for your business
  • 'Attract Sell Wow' - mastering the three stages of the customer lifecycle
  • 'The Straight Teeth Engine Academy' - increase the number of STO you do in practice 
  • 'Convert your Calls' - training in handling the front of desk of your business
  • 'CCS Live' - live talks by the founders, Aalok and Lucie on marketing and business
  • 'CCS Content Factory' - hands on course teaching to help you with attracting clients

Is CCS just for dentists?

Of course not! 

The mixer event was held for entrepreneurs and whilst there were a few dentists there, there was also a range of other professions; from TV producers to photographers to personal trainers. 

It was great to meet and network with people other than just dentists for a change and there were really inspiring and charismatic individuals who helped open my mind to life outside of the world of NHS dentistry.

Dentistry is unique as a profession as it blurs the boundary between a health service and a consumer service. Patients are usually paying for the treatment you provide for them, so their expectations can be much higher than in other health professions, especially in private dental care.

The environment young dentists are qualifying into has changed dramatically compared to that of older generations of the profession so in order to succeed we need to get out of our 'drill and fill' attitude. We should have an entrepreneurial approach to our careers whilst still providing excellent care for our patients. 

Being only 6 months into what is looking to be a 40 year career, it's hard to imagine feeling bored or fed up of practice life at the moment; nevertheless, I have been warned that after a few years of churning out the UDAs, life can become tiresome. Instead of being isolated in the box that is your dental surgery,  you can get involved in other aspects of dentistry, other businesses or look abroad to develop your career. 

Some Entrepreneurial Tips I learnt from the evening:

  • See dentistry as a business as well as a health service - value each of your patients by acting in their best interests
  • Develop your online presence - the use of social media as well as learning the tricks of Search Engine Optimisation are key. 
  • Build a good team around you - consider the use of overseas teams to delegate tasks to 
  • Network with other professionals, not just those of your own profession
  • Consider professional photography for your social media (especially Linked In) and your websites
  • Don't get stuck in a job you're not enjoying, it's never too late to switch careers
  • Don't get caught up in the 'typical' career paths of your profession - think outside the box and make your own career path
  • Personal development is the key to career success. 

Thanks to Aalok, Lucie and the whole CCS team for holding such a great evening and if anyone is looking for an exclusive venue in central London, check out the Eight Member's Club in Bank - their mojitos  are fantastic! 

See the CCS website for more details about their services.

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