It's Time for War: Laser Tag

Last week my DF1 scheme spent a thouroughly enjoyable afternoon running about in the dark shrieking (guys as well as girls!). 

Having been paint-balling before and regretting it (no one likes being shot in the ear!), when my fellow young dentists suggested a social activity I was definitely more keen for the less painful option of laser tag.

Luckily, there's a laser tag centre pretty close to central London based in Greenwich right by the Thames Barrier. It was relatively easy to get to although finding the actual entrance was a bit challenging as it's located in an old industrial building and was made out to look like an old cold war bunker.

Despite being a bit late due to having trouble finding the place, we still managed to get kitted up and ready and have our full hour of yelling, ducking, diving and hiding (it seemed to go on for much longer!). 

Since there were 21 of us, it proved to be a really fun and exciting game - my particular favourite was when we broke up into smaller coloured teams against each other, but that might just be because the team I was in won! 

We had 5 games in total in the end over 2 different arenas. Once you got used to the 'atmospheric' smell it was easy to forget that it was light outside! You didn't have to be great at it either, it was still really fun to run about chasing each other. It was a bit grubby too so I'd definitely recommend wearing comfortable trainers and taking the overalls they offer!

We also got a bit of money off as it was half-term, and it was surprisingly quiet too - we had all the arenas to ourselves bar from the first game we played. 

To find out more please see the Bunker 51 website

Have you been to laser tag before? Did you have fun? Please leave your comments in the section below!

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