Click Convert Sell: Marketing Aesthetic Orthodontics in Practice

This week I tuned into a webinar run by Aalok Shukla, one of the owner's of Click Convert Sell, a company designed to assist dentists market their services, especially aesthetic orthodontics. 

Here is a summary of what I learned from the webinar. 

Why can a business struggle?

You'd think there is plenty of business and money in dentistry, but the market is becoming increasingly challenging and there is more of a drive towards an entrepreneurial dentist recently.

Usually, stuggles come about due to break of the processes of a business: investment, marketing, answering customers and serving them. Either that or there isn't a constant flow through the processes.

This leads to a waste of resources (which is automatic), instead of profit (which is intentional).

What does a Complete Business Model look like?

  1. The generation of new processes occurs (within 24 hours)
  2. A process to capture details and build relationships with potential customers is present
  3. A process is present which converts interest into sales
  4. You deliver on your promises and exceed expectations i.e. the WOW factor
  5. A second sale and repeated purchases happen as a result of the wow factor 
  6. There is a process to emotionally impact a patient so they refer their family and friends to your services 

Common mistakes that are made:

  • Phone conversation blackhole - patients show interest but this is never followed up
  • A list is not built based on who has shown interest
  • One step marketing i.e. a large percentage of people will not want treatment at this precise moment in time but may do in the future. They are often ignored by some businesses

5 Mistakes that are made that lose you Orthodontic Patients

1. There is no specific internal practice marketing specific to patient's problems

Therefore you need to educate your patients in ways such as leaflets or videos shown in the waiting rooms or on your website

2. There is no systematic education and nuture system in order to acquire patients and be in the forefront of patients' minds when they do decide to go ahead with treatment.

Therefore you need to keep in contact with your patients and those who have shown interest. 

3. There is no integrated traffic strategies or external marketing

Therefore you need to advertise both to potential new patients, but also to patients who are already registered at your practice.

4. There is no systematic free consult assessment

You need to explain options is a succinct way and offer more than one treatment option i.e. more than one orthodontic system, otherwise your consultation will end up sounding like a sales pitch!

5. There is no after consultation follow up

Very few people decide immediately at consultations, therefore it is very important to give follow ups.

Why most marketing doesn't work

Essentially, the majority of marketing doesn't work as peoples' attentions are fragmented and trust takes time to build.
Other reasons include:
  • No tracking on the website
  • No calls to action
  • No opt-ins on the website
  • No phone call tracking
  • No email follow ups
  • No Facebook engagement
  • No thank you page

How to become a Provider


You need to focus on the needs and wants of your patients, understand them and target your messages according to each individual.
For aesthetic orthodontics there are a few different types of patients you will encounter:
  1. People who want to straighten their teeth now
  2. People who want straight teeth, but not right now
  3. People who want straight teeth and didn't realise it could be done as cheaply or as quickly as some systems offer
  4. People who want to improve their health and understand that crooked teeth can have negative impacts on their oral health
  5. People who do not want to straighten their teeth
The simple flow chart below shows you how you can be successful in becoming a provider of aesthetic orthodontics.

For more information please see Click Convert Sell's website or Facebook page.

And if you're interested in some orthodontic systems, check out my overview of the BDIA showcase where I summarise the system In-Line.

Do you provide aesthetic orthodontics in practice? Please let me know what you think of the marketing strategies summarised above!

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