Getting Balance in Your Life: Dental Property Club Webinar

This week I tuned in for an online webinar led by Harry Singh, founder of the Dental Property Club
The webinar was about how to gain balance in your life - here I will summarise the main points in achieving balance in order to make the most of life!

What constitutes balance?

According to Dr Singh, balance is measured with the 5 F's:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Finances
  4. Fitness
  5. Fun
In order to have a balanced life, all 5 of the above should be fulfilled. During the seminar, the participants were asked which F we felt we weren't happy with, can you guess which one it was?

63% of those people who answered were not happy with their finances? So which F are you not happy with?

Wheel of life

This is a visual aid to help assess which the overall balance of your life using 8 different aspects which all contribute to your quality of life. 
You can now easily track which areas that need improvement as you give each element a score from 1-10, 1 being the poorest and 10 being the best (which may not be achievable). 
The wheel of life is seen below:

Source: Harry Singh Dental Property Club.

Health - are you physically fit? How is your diet?

Wealth - are you financially free? How are your earnings compared to your expenditure?

Family/friends - are they supportive of you? How often do you socialise? 

Fun - how often do you put time aside to have fun? Do you regularly do what you love?

Relationships - do you feel in love? Do you spend enough time with the people that you love?

Career - are you where you want to be in your career? Are you heading in the right direction? Are you happy at work?

Personal Space - are you comfortable where you live? Do you work and live in a clean and tidy environment?

Spirituality - what do you do to impact other peoples' lives? Are you connected with the inner and outer world?

After completing the wheel you should ask yourself these questions:
  • Where are the gaps in your wheel? 
  • Which areas do you spend too much or too little time? 
  • What is the ideal situation for you?

Action Plan

After identifying which areas you would like to improve then you need to make an action plan:


You could use the MTO approach to set targets: Minimum Target Outrageous. That way you can aim for the outrageous goal so that you are more likely to reach one of the targets.

For example, to improve your health:

Minimum: 10k run
Target: Half Marathon
Outrageous: Marathon

Once you have set your 3 MTO goals, you can then use a RPM table like below:

This can help you to ask yourself why you'd like to achieve a certain goal and the massive action is the reward you can give yourself when you reach that goal. For example, you want to run a half marathon to improve your fitness and to reward yourself you could buy yourself a new pair of running trainers.

So how often should you review your wheel of life or your action plan? 
This depends on what you'd like to achieve and what you feel is appropriate? Writing yourself a weekly timetable or setting yourself a 90 day or quarterly challenge are just some suggestions to time frames you can work to!

Remember that everyone's goals are different - whatever you may decide to aim for, aim high! Let me know how you plan to get a balance in your life in the comments section below!

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