London Art Galleries: The Art of the Brick in Brick Lane.

So I thought as I'm a newbie to London life I would share some of the places I've been that I would recommend for people who are both new to London, or those of you who have been Londoners all your life!

Walking through Brick Lane everyday on my way to work I have passed this exhibition countless times so I was thrilled when my housemate suggested we visit it over the weekend.

I wasn't sure what to expect, probably something close to Legoland with giant characters constructed of the brightly coloured plastic bricks.
But it was quite different.

Nathan Sawaya, a US artist and lawyer has created over 85 sculptures out of this famous children's toy.
He uses the lego like another artist would use paint or clay to make his art. 

Over a million pieces of lego were used in the exhibition and each piece took from days to weeks for the artist to make. 

A Lego version of Van Gogh's Blue Sky.

The exhibition was divided into different areas such as classic sculptures and paintings, expressionism and portraits. 

My favourite piece by far was the giant T-rex sculpture which reminded me of the one found in the National History Museum. I couldn't imagine how the artist was able to conjure a 3D image and construct it without instructions! 

The exhibition also has video areas where the artist shows you how he makes a sculpture and at the end there is an interactive zone where kids and adults can play around with Lego and make their own sculptures! 

My favourite exhibit: the Lego T-rex

The exhibition is already global, already attracting visitors in New York, Shanghai, Singapore and Melbourne. 

Whilst the price at weekends is a bit steep at £16.50 for an adult, Monday to Thursday its a bit cheaper at £14.50 and there are concession and group rates. 

I would recommend buying tickets in advance at their website as the queue at the weekend was quite long. The exhibition probably takes between 1-2 hours to go around depending on how quickly you walk through. 

And why not pop along Brick Lane for some food after or before - especially if you go on Sunday, there are so many good street food stalls!

For more information check out Nathan Sewaya's website for more information.

Been to the exhibition? What do you think of it? Which was your favourite sculpture? Let me know in the comments below!

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