What To Do Now Your DF1 Interview is Over

Here is the fourth instalment to my guide to the DF1 application process.

Offers Day

This is the most excruciating day ever (well, maybe finals results day was worse).  
I didn't get my offer until around 4pm, but I know people got their emails through much later than that. Do something that will distract you during the day, otherwise you'll just be checking your emails every 2 minutes. 


Accept it there and then!
I've heard horror stories of people losing their places as they forgot to accept their offer within 48 hours.

Well done! Even if it's not your first choice! It's only a year and at least you have a job offer!
Now you just have to wait to hear from your deanery. This varies per scheme, mine didn't get in touch until April time so expect a wait. 


Don't panic!
There is a lot of support out there for you: last year there was a support group on Facebook you could join and your Dental School should provide support and advice for you.

Don't be disheartened
All the people I knew who didn't get offers first time around got them on second allocation in June! There is never a 100% pass rate for BDS, some people defer, some give up their places when they get offers in Scotland and sometimes more training places become available. What's more, most of the people I knew got one of their top choices on second allocation!
And this year, every single UK graduate got a job in the end!

And remember there is always other options such as SHO posts, volunteering or working abroad or the private sector. 

What next?

Get that BDS! 
Get all your competencies done by their deadlines and revise hard, it'll be hard work but well worth it in the end!

Some schemes ask you to fill out paperwork quite early on so don't leave things to the last minute, there is A LOT of paperwork.

The next step will be to choose your training practice. I shall post the final instalment, How to Choose Your DF1 Training practice in January around the time the offers are sent out and I will give you some advice on what to consider at this stage.

Next weeks post will be something a little bit different: How to Volunteer as a Dentist. 

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