8 Interview Tips to Prepare You for Your DF1 Interview

Here's the second instalment of my guide to securing a DF1 place. In this post, I shall focus on the interview stage and the preparation you should do. 

Dental Core Training applications are coming up. I've already had a few queries about it from those interested in applying...so why should you choose this over an associate job?

It's all about the money: Finances for Young Dentists

For those of you who are entering your first job as a dentist, finances can be a tricky thing to manage. Luckily last year I had a talk with Humphrey and Co. chartered accountants to help us manage our money! Here I shall summarise some of the key points you need to know. 

Top Tips to Prepare you for your DCT1 Interview

So those of you who have my previous post about why I chose DCT may have submitted your own application - but what are the interviews like and how should you prepare? Here are my tops tips!

How to Build your CV

This can be something people overlook the importance of in Dentistry since some posts like DF1 and DCT are application form based and do no require a CV. So here are a few tips to get you going for when you may need one!


So I've just coughed up the money for my MJDF exam. Thought you'd be finished with exams now you've finished your BDS? Think again!

Why did I choose DCT over becoming an Associate? Dental Careers Guide Article

Following on from my article about Dental Core Training, I've recently posted an Article on the Dental Careers Guide on why this may be an option for you over becoming an associate.

MJDF - The Exam

So last week I sat my MJDF part one exam...

MFDS Part Two - The Exam

So last week I sat the second part of MFDS exam following my completion of MJDF. So how did the exam go?

It's an honour to be featured on DENTAL SPOTLIGHT this week!

A Week in the Life of a Dental Core Trainee

95% of dentistry is carried out in primary care but after my Dental Foundation Training (DFT), I decided to go back into hospital training for Dental Core Training (DCT). What is it like? Here is how a typical week pans out for me...

Dental Career Pathways

Not sure where your career in Dentistry is heading? Let me outline the possibilities!

Here is the final instalment of my guide to the DF1 application process.

A Foundation Year in London: Young Dentist FMC Article

I've been asked countless times why I decide to move down to the capital for my Foundation Year and what is my experience of living in the Big Smoke so far?

6 Things To Do When Applying for DF1

So it's approaching that time of year again: DF1 Recruitment

Blurred Lines: NHS Rules and Regulations in Dentistry

So when I started my foundation year I thought providing NHS dental treatment would be relatively simple. Think again. Once you start practising you'll realise there are lots of little clauses that you need to be aware of - otherwise you might end up in trouble!

Top 5 Skills to Develop during Dental Foundation Training

When I started my foundation year (seems like forever ago!), I was overwhelmed by how there was to learn out in practice and it's amazing how clueless I was back then! Looking back there were definitely some areas where I needed to make use of the support that is out there for DFTs. It's best to identify these areas sooner rather than later to give you a head start in improving your skills so here are my top five areas you should aim to develop in your DFT year! 

10 ways to make the most out of DCT

So this time last year I had just begun my Dental Core Training (DCT). The year flies by so quickly, so for those of you doing DCT, how can you make the most of it?

10 Things I've Learnt from Oral Surgery Dental Core Training

Following my previous post about what I learnt from my restorative dental core training (see here) I thought I'd write about what I 've learnt from oral surgery...

My Dental Portfolio: What should I include?

It's getting to that time of year where it's job switching time. Some of you may be looking to compile your portfolio, but what should you include?

DFT and Beyond - KCL Talk

Last week, KCL's Dentsoc invited me to speak to their final year dentists about Dental Foundation Training (DFT) and beyond!

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