Clinical Tips

A Guide to Extra-Coronal Restorations

One of my study days recently was with Dr C Adam Slade, a prosthodontist and implantologist who works at a practice on Harley Street in London

My latest study day was with Dr Ian Cline about Dental Photography. This is a topic that isn't really taught much in Dental School - certainly in Newcastle whenever I required clinical photographs I booked my patients in with the resident Dental Photographer

A Guide to Endodontics

So recently, I had a study day on Endodontics, a procedure that can be a source of nightmares for many dentists!

A Guide to Oral Cancer

Last month I attended the Oral Cancer Conference in London. Here is a summary of what I learnt from the day.

This post is based on a study day I had with Priti Acharya

A Guide to Occlusion

A couple of months ago I had a study day about occlusion and temporomandibular disorders with Riaz Syed. Being two of some of peoples' favourite topics at dental school (*cough*)  it's taken me a while to write these up. But here is the first part, based on occlusion.

A Guide to Temporomandibular Disorder

Following my first post from a study day with Riaz Syed, here is part two: A Guide to Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD).

Creative Composites - Aspire Dental Academy Part 1

Some of you have read one my posts from last year about a Composite day with iCAD Academy. Recently I have been on another course with Aspire Dental Academy. Here is what I learnt from the day.

Cosmetic Veneers - Aspire Dental Academy Part 2

So here is part 2 of my days with Aspire Dental Academy following my first post about composite. This post will focus on veneers in Dentistry.

If any of you watched the Truth about Teeth on the BBC a few months ago, the phrase 'Pick, Lick and Stick' will be familiar. Management of emergencies in children can be overwhelming, especially in a primary care setting. Here I shall outline the simple management of two of the most common emergencies in children in dental practice.

Antimicrobials in Dentistry

Following my post about the talk I presented at the Evidence Based Dentistry conference, I thought I would share some more information about antimicrobial usage in practice.

Fifty Shades of White - Shade Taking in Dentistry

There's one thing that as an undergraduate I really struggled with - Shade taking. Sometimes you can't always rely on your lab to take a shade. Here are some of the key principles of shade taking.

It's been a while since my last post and I've had a bit of a break from dentistry before I start my DCT post next week. But as promised, here is the review of the new Loupes I got through in July!

If you've read about some of my recent posts with Aspire Dental Academy, you'll have read about some tips when placing composites. From that day I learnt a nifty trick with a product called Memosil.

Peri-implantitis with Dr Ope Sodeinde

Last week, I attended the first ever Perio-Implant Study Club hosted by Ope Sodeinde.

Bones and Bisphosphonates

Confused about when you can treat patients who are taking bisphosphonates? Here's some things I've learnt during my time at hospital about how to manage these patients.

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